I am complex. I am imperfect. I am powerful. I am destined. I am human. I am me.

Amami is a luxury leather goods brand that aims to inspire people through bold and supremely crafted pieces that connect with their identity. With a name that means “Love Me” in Italian, Amami encourages individuals to embrace their individuality and celebrate the imperfections, complexities and experiences that make them one-of-a-kind. Together, we are creating a movement rooted in self-expression, inspiring people to put their boldest foot forward, own their individual style, and reward themselves with life’s luxuries big and small.
Amami was created by two visionaries who assembled a team of global talent with extensive experience in the luxury sector. At the heart of each collection is a human-centered emotion, message or cause, interpreted through the language of design and symbolism. We chose to work with a family-owned factory in the heart of Sicily that meets the highest standards of ethical production and fuses traditional and innovative technologies, executed by skillful artisans. The result are pieces that fuse human-centered inspiration with the highest level of Italian craftsmanship, creating personal legacies that can accompany one throughout each life chapter.